In 1995, there were four of us in a 30 m2 office toasting chin-chin for the very first work-day of ANDA Present. During the last 20 years we put a lot of effort into work, which resulted in continuous development year by year. Today we are employing 100 professionals in order to help our partners' creative ideas come into being in the shape of a perfect present, as well as carrying out orders arriving from 32 different countries of the world the way we are expected to.

Year by year, our advancement in business and professional skills run parallel with the changes in trends of presentation - as well as with rules and regulations, and our customers' needs.Let's just have a thought: the custom of gifting goes back to the history of mankind. In ancient cultures it served spiritual aims: food and drink was offered to the gods.

Today we try to present our partners and loved-ones with as unique presents as possible - including authentic packing and branding. By doing so, our aim is not to keep up with the pace but to set it. We offer as wide a range of items to our partners as possible, so they only have to make the choice that best fits their company or campaign.


Our vision for ANDA Present Group is to provide the most innovative service in the promotional gift industry.


ANDA Present Group (is a company that) has a unique and wide-ranging product collection and provide outstanding printing services in the promotional gift market. With our own production capacity, reliable supplier background, professional service and efficient solutions, we are the partner for our customers with whom it is a pleasure to work with. The secret of our success is that all these values appear in our inner workings and the relationship with our colleagues as well.


The most important values that define ANDA Present Group:

  • Reliable business partner
  • Outstanding service provider
  • Attractive workplace
  • A wide range of products
  • Innovative business solutions
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Country Cap
Cap, 100% Cotton.
Cijena bez PDV-a: 0,79 € 0.79 EUR
Andy Touch Ballpoint Pen
Aluminium touch ballpoint pen with anodized barrel. With blue refill.
Cijena bez PDV-a: 0,92 € 0.92 EUR
Blades Drawstring Bag
Drawstring bag with zipped pocket and earphone outlet, 210D polyester.
Cijena bez PDV-a: 1,33 € 1.33 EUR